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Updated hospital gowns by PatientStyle are starting to replace the dreaded, bottom-bearing ones, while bottom line impact may be tough to measure, patients just want their own bottoms covered.

Hospital gowns have gotten a face-lift after some help from fashion designers like these from Patient Style and the Henry Ford Innovation Institute.

The latest step in this trend toward increased patient comfort is a mammography top from PatientStyle, San Leandro, Calif, designed to help women feel more feminine and dignified while undergoing a mammogram.

Med City News
PatientStyle has been making cozy, pajama-like hospital gowns with an extra panel for coverage in the back since 2010. They even rolled out a special modesty gown for Muslim patients. Just last month the product was introduced at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, Calif.

The Washington Post
Whether a patient has come to a hospital to have an organ transplant, an appendectomy or a baby, one complaint is common: the gown. You know the one. It might as well have been stitched together with paper towels and duct tape, and it usually leaves the wearer’s behind hanging out.

US News/Health
In Pursuit of Patient Satisfaction, Hospitals Update the Hated Hospital Gown. Hospital gowns have gotten a face-lift after some help from fashion designers like these from Patient Style.
With this in mind PatientStyle has created the Mammography Top to help women feel more feminine and dignified while undergoing a mammogram.

Arizona Health & Living
Arizona Health & Living (circ. 120,000) has included PatientStyle in their October issue! You can see the feature on page 52.

Daily Mom
The Daily Mom (UVPM 166,000) PatientStyle giveaway has concluded and we provided the winner’s address.

Mom Trends
Perfect for fashionable moms, the Nursing Gown from PatientStyle is made specifically for deliveries.

The gown features strategically placed hidden slits designed to keep mom covered during nursing while still meeting all functionality requirements for hospital procedures. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, this high-quality fabric comes in soft and feminine designs that is comfortable and convenient while offering dignity in the hospital and beyond.

Yellow Tennessee
The Lillie Rue Nursing gown from PatientStyle is beautiful and soft, perfect for relaxing and nursing!

It makes a great gown if you are in the hospital-sure beats those hospital gowns! Made to be soft and comfortable for both mom and baby, it has hidden yet convenient flaps to make nursing easier. The gown is much prettier in person and it’s made in a one size fits most which makes it less worrisome when gift shopping!

Advance Healthcare Network/Executive Insight
Addressing Patient Needs and Increasing Satisfaction

PatientStyle creates a product offering healthcare providers with high-quality, full coverage gowns. These gowns are just one of many ways that hospitals are creating a more positive environment to increase patient satisfaction.

Houston Style Magazine
PatientStyle gowns- an alternative to the typical hospital gown- is attempting to change the way people see the medical experience.

"PatientStyle offers hospital gowns that are unique to different medical situations. They currently offer items such as a Mammography Top, a Modesty Gown, a Nursing Gown, and a Tie Gown (which prevents indecent exposure by tying to the side instead of straight down the back). The gowns also come in a variety of designs and colors."

Making Hospital Gowns Fashionable, And Functional In Texas

"In addition to the nursing gown, PatientStyle sells a wrap-around mammography top, pediatric wear, and a modesty gown. That one is specifically designed for the Muslim and orthodox Jewish communities."

brain fogglesThird Stop on the Right
PatientStyle Gowns Allow You to Be Stylish in the Hospital

"PatientStyle gowns are perfect for anyone who is planning to be in the hospital for any length of time. These gowns provide the access that medical professionals need while still giving you the kind of coverage you want. What is even better is that the PatientStyle gowns have overlapping panels so that your backend isn’t exposed whenever you might be walking the halls (embarrassing!). My favorite part is that these gowns come in cute colors and patterns."

brain fogglesTwo Classy Chics
Practical and Attractive Hospital Gowns from PatientStyle

"Let me introduce you to where you can find wonderful hospital gowns
for adults and for children. This company sells all kinds of different hospital gowns, some that are perfect for the regular patient, some are perfect for those who have IV mediports (like me) and some are perfect for those who are nursing."

brain fogglesLancaster Newspaper
Hospital Gowns have Changed

"To be fair, some of them actually have come a long way from those crinkly paper gowns with questionably secure ties in the back. And patients today can be comforted knowing hospitals here view their "coverage" as a serious part of their health care."

brain fogglesConnie, Brain Foggles
Patient Style Slipper Socks Product Review

"PatientStyle has the right idea with their Slipper Socks. They are anti-microbial which means they provide protection from bacteria."

Dad of DivasDad of Divas
Socks That Will Grip & Warm Those Tootsies

"The company has created their own line of anti-microbial socks (super soft and completely
safe - perfect for flu season!)...These socks were both warm and fuzzy and the grip on the bottom of them will stop you in your tracks."

Mommy PRAndrea, MommyPR
PatientStyle: Children’s PJs Review & Giveaway

“Being a physical therapist who has worked in a hospital setting for 7 years I have seen the best and worst of hospital gowns. I was recently introduced to a great new company called PatientStyle: I was excited to find that they offered so much more than hospital gowns (which are the best I have ever seen by far)."

Carrigan's JoyToni Carrigan, Carrigan’s Joy
Find Comfort in a Hospital Stay!

"It's nice to know there's a place I can go, pick out the items I want, and ship them to where they're needed, and feel comfortable and confident in the products I'm sending."

PatientStyle Slipper Socks Review
"Overall has you covered from head to toe on your road to recovery."

Three different DirectionsTammy, Three Different Directions
Chenille Lounge Socks

"Since I live daily with a circulation condition, my hands or feet can never be too warm, and these lounge socks from really work for that. Enhanced with Antimicrobrial features, I don't have to worry about wearing them for a few days in a row (or a week!) before I throw them in the laundry either."

Real moms real viewsCrissa, Real Moms Real Views
Patient Style

“PatientStyle really has thought of everything. They have a anti-microbial product line. They have feather and down pillows and covers that are “chemical-free with anti-odor and anti-microbial protection as well as temperature control and static minimization for long lasting comfort."

Mail CarrierXenia, Thanks, Mail Carrier
Chenille Lounge Socks from PatientStyle

"Dedicated to providing useful, comfortable and stylish items for new and expecting moms, as well as for all loved ones who have to endure a hospital stay, has gifts to help the whole family feel better faster."

Maria's SpaceMaria, Maria’s Space
Keep Your Toesies Warm

“All I can say is WOW...these are the best slipper socks ever! Living in cold NY right now this is exactly what the doctor ordered.”

Harvest tomorrowAmy, Harvest for Tomorrow
PatientStyle Lounge Socks

“These are not just your ordinary lounging socks! [...] They are so soft and comfortable, that I really do not want to put anything else on my feet. Honestly, I cannot say it enough - these are FABULOUS!”

Deal ectible mommiesCandace, "Deal"ectible Mommies
Patient Style Review

“They [2 custom hospital gowns] were the talk of the hospital! The nurses, the doctors, the visitors...everyone was talking about how amazing these gowns were. Guess what that did? It raised their spirits, put a smile on their face, and allowed for a connection to be made with other individuals, thus allowing their bodies to heal more quickly!”

A couch with a viewCasey, A Couch With A View
PatientStyle Review

“I received their anti-microbial socks that have got to be some of the softest, warmest, coziest socks I've ever worn. With their anti-microbial qualities, who can complain??”

Silver savingsBri, Silver Savings, Freebies and Giveaways
PatientStyle Review

“Their slipper socks are part of their anti-microbial line, that also includes pillows and pillow
cases. The slipper socks are super soft, fuzzy and warm. I love that their anti-microbial - with
the flu season in full swing, I'll take all the help I can get :) ”

Mommyhood exposedMonique, Mommyhood Exposed
PatientStyle Website Review

“ is specifically designed for the momma who wants to be comfortable and stylish during one
of the most important and life changing events of one's life. [...] I'm honestly impressed by the selection of goodies you can choose to purchase for your big day-everything from baby gowns to pillows to baby slings. ”

Princess and the MonkeyColleen, The Princess and The Monkey review

“Are you caring for a loved one in the hospital or at home? Are you going to be greeting a new little one soon? Let help you do this in comfort and style.”


Woven by WordsMimi, Woven by Words
PatientStyle review

“This is the first site you should head to if you or someone you know is going into the hospital for any kind of procedure. If you are or know a Mom-to-be and are deciding what to get them as a gift, this should be your first stop!”


You wanna know what I think?kballard87, You wanna know what I think?... and Slipper Socks

“Patient Style is exactly what it is called. It helps make you still look good even if you do
have to be in the hospital. And who knows? Maybe it might put a little more color in your face, so you get to go home sooner! That's got to be good, right?”

Cinnamon HollowCrystal, Cinnamon Hollow WAHM Reviews
PatientStyle Anti-Microbial Slipper Socks

“These slipper socks are made from anti-microbial chenille and are so comfy and warm. The only regret I have is that I didn’t have them 6 months ago when I had a c-section because they are so soft and comfy and would have been absolutely perfect during my hospital stay!”

Babee loveNicolle, Babee Love
PatientStyle Anti-Microbial Socks

“They are THE perfect addition to your Mommy to Be bag to the hospital, surgery or any other reason you would be in the hospital for. BUT they aren’t just for the hospital. In fact, I only used mine at home.”

The angel foreverThe Angel Forever
PatientStyle antimicrobial socks

“The minute I put them on, I was in heaven. They were the softest things I have ever felt on my feet. They were warm, cozy and fabulous.”

Ramblings by NicoleNicole, Ramblings by Nicole
Patient Style *Review*

“They [slipper socks] are soooo soft and comfy. Even after I've washed them a few times they're still so soft.
I also love that they have grips on the bottom. The quality is wonderful and I would definitely recommend buying them or anything else from Patient Style!”

Heck of a bunchTerra, Heck of a Bunch
PatientStyle - Review

“PatientStyle knows how to bring comfort and style to those confined to the hospital or those who are
healing at home. [...] PatientStyle may have been brought about with the idea of bringing comfort to those who are ill or healing, but their site offers products that would be great for anyone to use at anytime.”

comfessions of an overworkedEllen, Confessions of an Overworked Mom
Patient Style Slipper Socks

“They have nice, warm anti-microbial slipper socks that are perfect for keeping your feet warm.
My grandmother loves these because they really do keep her feet warm. They are the perfect way
to pamper and protect your feet.”

Angela's AnalysisAngela, Angela's Analysis
PatientStyle Sock Giveaway

“When you wear these socks you feel pampered and I LOVE that! It is also one of those things that make a
hospital stay just a little bit more cheery.”

Cutepea's FreebiesCutepea's Freebies
Women’s Chenille Lounge Socks By “Patient Style” Review

“ has searched far and wide [...] to bring you the best products out there in one convenient online store. From chic hospital gowns – front and back – to anti-microbial pillows and products, their site features the most useful, comfortable, and stylish items, designed specifically for what you or your loved one needs. ”

Upside to Rainy DaysUpside to Rainy Days
PatientStyle anti-microbial chenille lounge socks

“ is dedicated to bringing comfort and style to boring, cold and ugly hospital gowns, pillows,
maternity gowns, slipper socks and so much more. Whether you are welcoming a new member to your family, caring for yourself or a loved one, is the place to find what you are looking for.”